Flower CSA


A great way to keep fresh and beautiful flowers in your home all summer is by joining our Flower Community Supported Agriculture program. By paying a fixed monthly fee, we will create a beautiful arrangement of our hand picked flowers each week to display in your home.

On the day of pickup, we will harvest our newly blossomed freshest flowers and hand arrange them to give you a new design each week. All of our flowers are sustainably and organically grown, and will support our local farm. These arrangements are not only a beautiful centerpiece for your home, but are also a great gift for your loved ones. 

Your membership will help us to ensure we can provide a larger variety of flowers in the years to come.

Your arrangements will be available for pickup every Wednesday from 9am-5pm on our flower cart. Each order will come in one of our vases under the CSA Pickup section of the cart.  Email us at kckoerber@gsinet.net to get started.

CSA Options

Full Season (10 Arrangements) (Available until 6-23) $100.00

Half Season (5 Arrangements) (Available until 7-28) $60.00

Three Week Trial (3 Arrangements)