~ Since 1972 ~

Chanticleer Gardens

A 150 acre farm located in Dunbarton NH

About the Farm

Our farm is dedicated to producing cut flowers for local florists, your special occasions and for sale on site.

Chanticleer Gardens serves as a center for both educational and community building activities. Our mission is to promote community and provide an environment where visitors can experience a holistic, earth-centered way of life.

On the left you’ll find a picture of our flower cart which is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Coming soon….constant access to the cooler in our Carriage Barn for utmost freshness.

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Cedar is the farm’s most welcoming and friendly Mascot

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Artimus can be found wandering the property during the day

Contact Us

Visit us at 31 Stark Highway North Dunbarton, NH, 03046

Mobile: (603) 562-9400     Email: [email protected]

Susan and Ken Koerber