WWOOFing at Chanticleer Gardens

Chanticleer Gardens offers an opportunity for a WWOOFer to experience life on a small, diversified farm. During their stay the WWOOFer becomes a member of the family, sharing meals and the use of the house with the other members of the family and any other WWOOFer. It is expected that the WWOOFer will contribute a minimum of 30 hrs/week toward the operation of the farm. The WWOOFer is encouraged to explore the area as part of their learning experience during their off hours.

At this time the farm is focused on the production of flowers for the floral trade, and produce for local retail and for consumption on site. A small flock of chickens provides eggs for the table and for sale to select customers.

The main emphasis at Chanticleer Gardens is on teaching, by example, the basic elements of both horticulture and construction of infrastructure for a small farm. Tasks are tailored to a WWOOFer's area of interest, when possible, and questions freely answered.

Chanticleer Gardens continues to expand its capacity to grow plants in a controlled environment known as a high tunnel (low cost greenhouse). Last season a 30x96 foot high tunnel was erected with the help of several WWOOFers and our local volunteers. This newest high tunnel will be used to grow produce so that the tunnel pictured below (Spring 2017) can be used to grow long season flowers such as dahlias and snapdragons in a protected environment to prevent wind damage and to extend the period of harvest.

Spring, 2018

The growing season at Chanticleer Gardens starts at the end of January with the planting of flats with seeds, such as lisianthus, that require almost six months to reach blooming size.

On sunny days, the temperature in a high tunnel can be in the 60's (with no wind!) while the temperature outside is in the low 20's with a 10 mph wind. We'll take advantage of this delightful working environment to prepare the planting beds in the new high tunnel by removing large rocks and unwanted vegetation from between the wood chip covered paths.

Work continues on cutting beams on the sawmill for the equipment shelter.

There are no lack of opportunities for a WWOOFer to develop skills relating to construction as well as farming!

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