The gardens at Chanticleer Gardens are currently sleeping under a protective layer of snow and various mulches. The days are getting longer but the cold seems to be getting stronger!


In Bloom

  • A Bird of Paradise brings cheer to our sunroom.

Coming Soon

  • Iris
  • Bleeding Heart
  • and other spring flowers

About Us

Chanticleer Gardens has been farmed with organic methods for over 40 years. Gardens are stone free( well, almost!!) and lovingly tended.

All flowers are grown from seed on the farm.  

We welcome visitors !

Contact Information

Visit us at 31 Stark Hwy N in Dunbarton, NH.   We are right on the highway in the center of town.

Cell Phone: 603-496-2202


Flowers are also available at Apotheca Flower Shoppe and Tea Room on Main St in Goffstown, NH